One Voice presents Community Conversations, a new monthly event discussing culture and colors of community! Join JDew and a special guest each month for thoughtful and thought-provoking conversations on issues that affect every community. But the conversation doesn’t end there–each month, sign up for access to an exclusive curriculum based on each special guest, designed to keep you and your community talking!

And what better day to kick off a community conversation than Juneteenth? This month, join JDew and special guest Jerry Blassingame on Sunday, June 19, at 8 pm ET as they discuss prison reform and the needs of folks reentering the community after serving time in prison.

Jerry Blassingame is a community leader, a pastor, and a previously incarcerated person. After finding hope while serving a hard sentence, Jerry changed his life for the better and dedicated himself to helping others like him do the same. He has helped hundreds of folks through community reform, affordable housing, education and economic development, and he’s working to help hundreds more. Jerry will be live with JDew to discuss his journey, but that’s not all! Sign up today for the exclusive One Voice Community Conversations course for an in-depth interview with Jerry and other ways to extend the conversation. In the meantime, check out Jerry’s TEDx Talk here and his book, Reclaimed, here for an introduction to the man and his vision in his own words.

And the best part: this live community conversation is FREE and open to everyone! No donations required, but any donations will be appreciated and will go towards creating more One Voice content. And if you join the conversation with JDew and Jerry on Juneteenth, you will receive a discount code for the course as well!

So sign up now for the course and join the free live conversation on Juneteenth at 8 pm for a discount code on the exclusive course material to follow–and get ready for a new way to engage with your community!