What is One Voice?

One Voice is a one-man stage performance that will grab hold of elementary through high school students alike, and only let go when all in attendance have had a chance to see and hear the African-American voices that have touched us all in this country.


Who is Involved?

Jeremiah Dew, "JDew," is a stellar performer, and he's got plenty of energy to match the curiosity of any school group. He has previously toured with the Greenville Little Theatre's traveling show in 2011-2013, and performed in Aladdin and Rumplestiltskin, in over 50 on-site school functions.


How is One Voice Used?

Many schools celebrate "Black History Month" in February, and are willing to host an arts-enrichment program like this one - all-year long. The culture, historic value, and info-tainment make "One Voice" a gold-star performance!


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